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    The mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers is to provide leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance women in the legal profession and advocate for the equality of women under the law. Since 1899, NAWL has been empowering women in the legal profession, cultivating a diverse membership dedicated to equality, mutual support, and collective success.

    NAWL Making News

    NAWL Submits Evaluation of Supreme Court Nominee

    Final Statement of Qualification - Judge Neil Gorsuch.jpg

    NAWL Urges Administration to Respect Separation of Powers

    NAWL objects to the recent public statements by President Trump aimed at undermining the credibility and independence of the third branch of government, the federal judiciary and urges the administration to respect the legal process.


    NAWL Sends Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee

    NAWL writes letter to Senate Judiciary Committee urging its members to ensure that each nominee for Attorney General has complete record and that the person ultimately confirmed to fill this important office is committed to preserving and protecting the hard-fought rights that have been established for all of our citizens.

    Open Letter to President-elect Trump From National Legal Associations

    The National Association of Women Lawyers has joined forces with other national legal associations to craft an open letter to President-elect Trump to urge him to find common ground and move the nation towards unity and inclusion.

    President's Message

    Leslie Richards-Yellen

    Leslie Richards-Yellen
    NAWL President

    Winter 2017

    2017 is a brand new year, bright with possibility. Each New Year provides a perfect backdrop for self-reflection.

    A few years ago during NAWL’s Annual Meeting, a panel I participated in created a pledge. The pledge was inspired by a desire to transform the panelists’ material from inert bullet points into an action plan. Each woman who signed the pledge promised over the course of the year to use her best efforts to assist in the career development of another woman. At the next Annual Meeting, each woman would perform a self-audit to gauge whether she had fulfilled her commitment. If each woman did her part, during the span of one year, the careers of many women would be enhanced.

    As I think of that pledge each year, the spirit of the pledge compels me to take stock of my actions to promote other women over the course of the past year. Did I:

    • Go out of my way to promote another woman’s career without the expectation that she would do the same thing for me?
    • Assist in advancing the career of one woman who doesn’t look like me?
    • Accept responsibility and try to make amends…

    NAWL News

    Former NAWL President Beth Kaufman weighs in on diversity in lawFormer NAWL President Beth Kaufman was quoted last week in a Legal Intelligencer article about diversity in law. In "Case Study: Diversifying the Plaintiffs Bar, One Small Firm at a Time," the Intelligencer examines a Philadelphia personal injury firm with above-average diversity demographics as an
    How you can start boosting your career your first day on the jobTey Scott writes, "When I graduated college, I immediately set out to build a successful brand. As any CEO will tell you, no brand is built without the help, knowledge, and experience of others. I knew that once I had an idea of my goals, I had to make sure I had the right people in place to help me
    What happens when women legislateBrittany Bronson writes, "Cheaper tampons. Office breaks to pump breast milk. No co-pay on birth control. These are not the talking points of a ladies' happy hour. They are among the State Senate and Assembly bills being considered in the Nevada Legislature. Not only were the bills designed solely w
    Women iron workers will get six months of paid maternity leaveCora Lewis writes, "The membership of the 130,000-strong Ironworkers union is an overwhelmingly male crowd, but the approximately 2,100 women members just won a benefit that would be prized by working women across the country: Six months of paid maternity leave.The leave, designed to be taken prio
    Study shows Big Law women pulled to certain practice areasMeghan Tribe writes, "While large law firms make strides in increasing gender diversity amongst their ranks, a recent study found that women still lag significantly behind their male counterparts in certain key Big Law practice areas.The study by ALM Intelligence (ALI) titled “ Where Do We Go From
    What I have learned from five years of Everyday SexismLaura Bates writes, "In spring 2012, a week after setting up a website to catalogue experiences of gender inequality, I asked Lady Gaga for her support via Twitter. Keen to raise awareness of my newly created Everyday Sexism Project, I hoped she might spread the word among her millions of followers.

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