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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    November 2014
    NAWL congratulates Loretta E. Lynch on her historic nomination for United States Attorney General, and applauds President Obama for his selection of Ms. Lynch. Ms. Lynch is a highly experienced prosecutor with a strong record on civil rights, and is highly admired for her professional and thoughtful approach in the most difficult matters.  We call upon the Senate for an equally professional and thoughtful confirmation process, conducted without resort to partisan politics or undue delay.

    NAWL's Earlier Appeal to President Obama:

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    Keeping Watch at the Gate to Implement Diversity, Inclusion Virginia G. Essandoh writes, "Gatekeepers open the doors to employment, opportunity and advancement in our legal organizations. They are lawyers and staff who screen resumes and candidates, they assign work, and they recommend lawyers for promotion and advancement. They are known by various titles:

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