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    The mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers is to provide leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance women in the legal profession and advocate for the equality of women under the law. Since 1899, NAWL has been empowering women in the legal profession, cultivating a diverse membership dedicated to equality, mutual support, and collective success.

    NAWL Making News

    NAWL Urges Administration to Respect Separation of Powers

    NAWL objects to the recent public statements by President Trump aimed at undermining the credibility and independence of the third branch of government, the federal judiciary and urges the administration to respect the legal process.


    NAWL Sends Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee

    NAWL writes letter to Senate Judiciary Committee urging its members to ensure that each nominee for Attorney General has complete record and that the person ultimately confirmed to fill this important office is committed to preserving and protecting the hard-fought rights that have been established for all of our citizens.

    Open Letter to President-elect Trump From National Legal Associations

    The National Association of Women Lawyers has joined forces with other national legal associations to craft an open letter to President-elect Trump to urge him to find common ground and move the nation towards unity and inclusion.

    President's Message

    Leslie Richards-Yellen

    Leslie Richards-Yellen
    NAWL President

    Winter 2017

    2017 is a brand new year, bright with possibility. Each New Year provides a perfect backdrop for self-reflection.

    A few years ago during NAWL’s Annual Meeting, a panel I participated in created a pledge. The pledge was inspired by a desire to transform the panelists’ material from inert bullet points into an action plan. Each woman who signed the pledge promised over the course of the year to use her best efforts to assist in the career development of another woman. At the next Annual Meeting, each woman would perform a self-audit to gauge whether she had fulfilled her commitment. If each woman did her part, during the span of one year, the careers of many women would be enhanced.

    As I think of that pledge each year, the spirit of the pledge compels me to take stock of my actions to promote other women over the course of the past year. Did I:

    • Go out of my way to promote another woman’s career without the expectation that she would do the same thing for me?
    • Assist in advancing the career of one woman who doesn’t look like me?
    • Accept responsibility and try to make amends…

    NAWL News

    The key to gender equality isn't in the workplace or the White House - it's at homeKeli Goff writes, "Since the landmark Women’s March on Washington (and other major cities), there has been endless discussion of whether the protests will have lasting influence, or simply be one moment in history that fades away. There has also been ongoing debate about what would constitute meanin
    Your pain is not real: How doctors discriminate against womenEmalie Marthe writes, "As women feel more and more alarmed over threats to their access to healthcare, they may not realize their own doctors could impede their medical care as much as a new conservative policy. 'Unfortunately, women are taken less seriously more often than men when it comes to pai
    Female prison workers, harassed by inmates and ignored by bosses, stood up for their rights - and wonHanna Kozlowska writes, "Taronica White suffers an unusual side effect from her nine years of working at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Florida. 'I can’t talk to a man if he has his hands in his pockets,' says White, 44, who worked at the Coleman prison from 2005 to 2014 as a correctio
    Ex-DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman: How I survived in a room full of menEllen Kullman writes, "When I tell people that a male colleague once assumed I was an assistant and asked me to get him coffee during a meeting, they aren’t shocked. Women have experienced or heard about this behavior time and time again. Being the only woman in a room can be discouraging and intimi
    Little Caesars founder quietly paid Rosa Parks' rent for yearsEric Levenson writes, "Those who knew Mike Ilitch, the Little Caesars founder and Detroit Tigers owner who died last Friday, have spent the past few days fondly remembering his impact on friends, on Detroit residents, and on the sports community.Ilitch also had an impact on the daily life of one
    Missing pieces report: The 2016 board diversity census of women and minorities on Fortune 500 boardsFrom Deloitte: "Shifting demographics in the United States have brought diversity to the forefront of issues on the minds of C-suite executives and corporate boards. As the population of the United States continues to diversify, companies may need to determine ways to gain more diversity of thought,

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