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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    November 2014
    NAWL congratulates Loretta E. Lynch on her historic nomination for United States Attorney General, and applauds President Obama for his selection of Ms. Lynch. Ms. Lynch is a highly experienced prosecutor with a strong record on civil rights, and is highly admired for her professional and thoughtful approach in the most difficult matters.  We call upon the Senate for an equally professional and thoughtful confirmation process, conducted without resort to partisan politics or undue delay.

    NAWL's Earlier Appeal to President Obama:

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    Expectant mom is denied extra time to breast pump during February bar examDebra Cassens Weiss write, "An expectant mother who plans to take the Illinois bar exam a month after she gives birth to her child has been denied extra time to breast pump. Kristin Pagano, a California lawyer who recently moved to Illinois with her husband, plans to breastfeed her newborn. Her due
    'Great Expectations for Female Lawyers'On the bright summer morning of Sept. 9, 2001, I picked up the newspaper from my Brooklyn doorstep, just as I did every Sunday. I was 29, newly wed and relocated from Paris. One of the headlines in the magazine caught my eye: "Great Expectations." The article presented a series of portraits: 21 wo
    NAWL President Lisa M. Passante published in the American Bar Associations' Student Lawyer In the article entitled It Is Critical for Women and Minorities to Find Mentors, Sponsors Passante writes, "For me, many of the most rewarding professional relationships have been built in women's networks and organizations, especially the National Association of Women Lawyers.
    Above the Law publishes NAWL Member and GCI11 Co-Chair Mimi B. MacDonald's piece on GCI10 speaker NAWL Member and GCI11 Co-Chair Mimi B. MacDonald writes, "Becky Halstead, the first woman in West Point history to graduate and achieve a promotion to general officer and the first woman in United States history to serve as a commanding general in combat, thoroughly impressed the audience at the
    Women still have a long way to go in judiciaryBob Egelko writes, "The U.S. Supreme Court is one-third female, an all-time high. California's legal profession has also reached historic levels in gender diversity --- nearly one-third of the state's judges and 40 percent of its lawyers are women. The state Supreme Court, all-male for its first 128

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    NAWL Members.jpgThe National Association of Women Lawyers is the leading national voluntary organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women's rights. Foundedover 115 years ago, NAWL has a long history of serving as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession. Learn More

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