Loretta Lynch Confirmation


    NAWL congratulates Loretta Lynch on being confirmed by the Senate today as Attorney General of the United States. Lynch's confirmation makes her the first African-American woman to hold that position in United States history.

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    Lisa M. Passante
    NAWL President

    Winter 2015

    Lately, during my long drive to and from the office each day, I’ve found myself looking forward to the time spent with the Sirius XM seventies station – the decade of my first driver’s license. It’s a daily soundtrack that reminds me of a time when I felt anything was possible, everything was ahead of me, and there were no limits. 

    The music is by strong women sharing powerful lyrics – even now, who doesn’t feel fierce when she hears Gloria Gaynor belting “I Will Survive” or Sister Sledge proclaiming “We are family….I have all my sisters with me”.  These songs resonate with me now as much as they did then. Even at this stage…

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    As Attorney General, Loretta Lynch Plans Striking New Tone for the Justice Dept.Matt Apuzzo and Jennifer Steinhauer write, "Loretta E. Lynch, who was confirmed Thursday as attorney general, will meet with local police officers nationwide this summer as she tries to strike a new tone for the Justice Department amid a roiling controversy over the use of lethal force, aides said."
    Helping Women and Girls. Period. Part Two.Jennifer Weiss-Wolf writes, "Earlier this year, On the Ground posted my article highlighting how lack of ability to afford feminine hygiene products can compromise the health, productivity and dignity of low-income women and girls in the United States. While the challenges of managing menstruation f
    Connie K. Duckworth Featured at the National Association of Women Lawyers® Mid-Year Meeting & AwardsToday's world requires attorneys not only to be expert lawyers, but also to be multi-faceted, strategic, and motivational leaders who engage themselves, their teams, and their organizations to achieve at the highest level possible. On March 5th 2015, the National Association of Women Lawyers® ("NAW
    Study finds, surprisingly, that women are favored for jobs in STEMSarah Kaplan writes, "Is science finally becoming friendlier to women? Wendy M. Williams and Stephen J. Ceci think so. As the co-directors of theCornell Institute for Women in Science, they have spent much of the past six years researching sexism in STEM fields. And according to their latest study,
    Thousands of Women Ran for Office Before They Could VoteRebecca Onion writes, "Olive Rose was elected to the office of Register of Deeds in Lincoln County, Maine, in 1853. In the Annals of the town of Warren, Maine, her election rated a ceremonial mention: 'On the 30th of May, the town showed its regard for female rights, in respect to holding office, by

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    NAWL Members.jpgThe National Association of Women Lawyers is the leading national voluntary organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women's rights. Foundedover 115 years ago, NAWL has a long history of serving as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession. Learn More

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