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    The mission of the National Association of Women Lawyers is to provide leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance women in the legal profession and advocate for the equality of women under the law. Since 1899, NAWL has been empowering women in the legal profession, cultivating a diverse membership dedicated to equality, mutual support, and collective success.

    Open Letter to President-elect Trump From National Legal Associations

    The National Association of Women Lawyers has joined forces with other national legal associations to craft an open letter to President-elect Trump to urge him to find common ground and move the nation towards unity and inclusion. READ THE FULL LETTER>>

    NAWL Joins Diverse Bar Associations' Statement on Hate Crimes

    The National Association of Women Lawyers signed on to an open letter to our nation's leaders, calling on them and lawyers across the country to denounce and take action against the recent surge of bias-motivated hate violence.  READ THE FULL LETTER>>

    NAWL Submits Evaluation on Supreme Court Nominee, the Honorable Merrick Garland

    The National Association of Women Lawyers® ("NAWL") Supreme Court Committee has completed an extensive evaluation of the qualifications and background of the Honorable Merrick Garland, President Obama's nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court and submitted its evaluation to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

    Based on its review of over 330 opinions and dissents authored by Judge Garland and articles authored or coauthored by him, its interviews of dozens of individuals, and its consideration of the information publicly available as of the date of this letter, NAWL's Supreme Court Committee concluded that Judge Garland is "well-qualified" for the position of Associate Justice. "Well-qualified" is the highest rating that the Committee is authorized to confer upon a nominee. Read the full statement here>>

    Members of the NAWL Committee for the Evaluation of Supreme Court Nominees are appointed by the President of NAWL. The Committee independently reviews and evaluates the qualifications of each Presidential nominee to the United States Supreme Court with an emphasis on laws and decisions regarding women's rights and those that have a special impact on women.

    President's Message

    Leslie Richards-Yellen

    Leslie Richards-Yellen
    NAWL President

    Fall 2016

    As NAWL President, I’m delighted – and extremely proud – that after 117 years, this wonderful organization of ours is more vital than ever – more committed than ever to advancing all women in the legal profession. Strongly woven into the very fiber of our organization is the tradition of women standing firmly for each other’s success.

    NAWL has been a dynamic organization since before women could vote. Its legacy has been assured by the leadership provided by an unbroken line of strong women leaders. Marsha Anastasia, our immediate past president, is one of the most gifted of these leaders. Although Marsha has a huge job as vice president, deputy general counsel – The Americas for Pitney Bowes, she works unceasingly towards gender equality. She is a visionary extraordinaire, organizer in chief, unabashed promoter of other women and a dear friend. Marsha is the epitome of the leader you look up to and trust as she has worked to make NAWL an even stronger organization.

    And, of course, I have to thank Marsha’s husband, Roger, and their children, Lauren, Eva and Nathan, for graciously sharing Marsha’s time and talents with…

    NAWL News

    Why TV needs 'weak' female charactersElizabeth Alsop writes, "In the first episode of the HBO series Enlightened, the show’s heroine, Amy Jellicoe, learns that she’s been fired. She does not take the news well. Within minutes, she goes from pitiable victim, sobbing abjectly in a bathroom stall, to mascara-streaked fury. 'Go back to you
    Why it's okay to be unsure about your career in your 20sSally Blount writes, "I often meet young people who think that they will find their true life calling if they can just get the right first job or internship. And I try to explain to them that whether it’s paid or unpaid, finding your true life calling in your early 20s is both unlikely and really no
    General Counsel Pay Trends 2016From Equilar: "The role of General Counsel (GC) has seen increased responsibility at public companies in recent years. GCs now play a more integral role in a company’s strategic planning, particularly as it pertains to mitigating risks and discovering competitive advantages in the market. As an exam
    High-earning moms get socked with 10% 'motherhood penalty'Rebecca Greenfield writes, "For women, having a kid is a bad career move, and having one as a highly skilled earner is even worse. For each child she has, a woman suffers a 'motherhood penalty' of 4 percent of income.According to new research, published today in the American Sociological Review,
    The most powerful women's top 3 tips for joining a boardLeena Rao writes, "Here are three ways to join a public or private board. With 25% of Fortune 500 company board seats turning over in the next five years, there’s a powerful opportunity for more women executives to take public company board seats. Veteran board members—including the Boardlist foun
    More law degrees for women, but fewer good jobsElizabeth Oldson writes, "Women currently occupy nearly half of all the seats in American law schools, gaining credentials for a professional career once all but reserved for men. But their large presence on campus does not mean women have the same job prospects as men.New research indicates that

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